Challenge The Status Quo in Snack Foods

Simply Eight - 8 simple ingredients

At Simply Eight, we challenge the status quo of the processed foods industry, and support The Non-GMO Project. We believe great tasting convenient breakfast and snack foods can be made … simpler – without all the complicated inventions of modern food science.

Our foods are made with simple recipes using simple and real ingredients you can commonly find in your pantry. And they taste great!

Our belief is that tasty food can be made simply. Our new line of cookies and chewy granola bars contain just eight or fewer real ingredients. This simple approach helps us deliver good nutrition and quality, while maintaining a great taste.

Ingredient lists for today’s processed foods have become complex — both in length and pronunciation. Furthermore, a single listed ingredient could have many more sub-ingredients within it. Many of these complex ingredients on processed food labels are hard to pronounce and even harder to identify.

We pride ourselves in avoiding the need for using high fructose corn syrup, hydrogenated oils, artificial flavors, artificial colors or genetically modified organisms. Our products also have zero grams of trans fats.

The founding members of Simply Eight believe our consumers, like you, need a simpler alternative in the grocery aisles. We’re confident you’ll taste the difference.