Proud To Make Healthy Snacks For Kids


Great lunchbox ideas, too.

S8 Kids kissing mom w-borderIt seems that these days’ families are on the go more than ever. Both parents working, kids in sports, academic events and lots of other extracurricular activities really pull parents in all kinds of directions.  And, we all get hungry!

Do you want to provide your kids with healthy snack options? Of course, we know you do! We understand the challenges too. Our line of snack foods, including healthy granola bars and cookies, were created because of our founder’s interaction with his own son in the frozen food aisle.

When Ernie looked at the list of ingredients, he was appalled. And, having worked for huge food companies in the past, he knew that he had once been a part of the problem.

We get it. Big companies aren’t very nimble; they’re dedicated to the stockholders and improving the bottom line. But what about people’s health, and better options for them to choose from in the grocery store?  Why can’t they put health concerns before profits?

We believe that if you make healthier snack foods available, especially for kids and busy families like yours, that you can help change the way people eat. Every day we see billboards about how kids learn from watching you. Eat more veggies, they will too. Be active, they will do.

Well, enjoy our healthy snack foods for kids, and for your family. Convenient packages of cookies (LINK) and chewy granola bars (LINK), ALL of which are Non-GMO Project Verified (LINK TO PR) and considered Clean Eating recipes made with familiar simple and real ingredients.  Remember, with back to school around the corner in just a couple weeks, stock up on Simply Eight products – they make great additions to your child’s lunch box too!

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Let us know what your kids think when they try our snacks. We’re listening!

-Ernie and the Simply Eight Team